Symposium on June 6, Genk


Sustainable Battery Power

From Measurement to Second-Life Solutions

VITO – EnergyVille – CNRood

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Discover the future of sustainable energy at this VITO / Energyville / CNRood symposium. Gain invaluable insights into the latest applicable technologies and safety standards driving innovation in the battery industry. Learn best practices for responsible battery handling, including strategies for managing batteries throughout their lifecycle. Dive into the critical role of test and measurements in ensuring the reliability and safety of battery systems. Join us and be at the forefront of shaping a greener, more sustainable energy landscape.

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Gerrit-Jan Schaeffer
Frank Vervaeke
Khiem Trad
Grietus Mulder
Roy Hali
Luis Couto
Sofie Ignoul
Filip Leemans
Sarnavi Mahesh
Guillaume Thenaisie
Roald Swerts

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This symposium is at no cost and includes coffee, tea, refreshments and lunch.

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