About us

Our passion

CN Rood offers technical solutions in the field of testing and measurement. We aim to remain leaders in that regard. Our customers are often not looking for a product, but for a solution, and we all have the drive to work on that solution. What we love to do most is to continually work on the latest developments in the field of testing and measuring equipment. Now and in the future. For that is where our passion lies: in wanting to know precisely what the facts are.


Our equipment is used by some of the smartest minds in the Benelux region. Whether in data harvesting within forensic research or quantum computing, in the development of the latest computer chips or advanced testing equipment for health care, you can find our products everywhere.

Customers appreciate our service. In addition to our wide range and good price-quality ratio, they attach great importance to our advice and contribution of ideas, in particular when they are working on new projects for which new equipment is also required. That customer-orientation based on our intrinsic drive to always find the best solution for our customers is one of our unique selling points.


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