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Service, Support, Repair & Calibration

Nowadays, service is no longer the department that you only come into contact with if your device is defective and needs to be repaired. We as a service department have expanded our service in recent years with, among others, the following:


The Service & Support department is the source of information for the company. Both in the start-up phase, just after delivery, or if a product has been in use for a longer period of time, there may be questions. Often we are able to answer your question immediately or we can provide you with a suitable answer after consultation with our application engineers and the manufacturer.


All the equipment we sell, we maintain and repair as well. This is an important benefit of working with CN Rood. We have our own service team who are trained by the manufacturers. In our labs in the Netherlands and Belgium only official parts are used to provide service and repair for your units. In addition, we can always rely on the support of our manufacturers.


Most measuring equipment must be calibrated regularly to ensure that they meet the specified specifications. You can also contact us for calibrations, often it is interesting to combine a calibration with a cleaning or maintenance service.

Meet our support team

Dave Boekhout

Service & Support Engineer / Sales

Steve Vandamme

Service & Support Engineer

Mostafa Meziane

Service & Support Engineer

Thomas Bloem

Service & Support Engineer

Valdem Karaj

Service & Support Engineer

Kenny Deschynkel

Logistics & Service

Judith van der Poel

Sales Assistant

Service & Support

Justine Cambier

Service Assistant

Isabelle Stevens

Sales & Support Assistant

Vincent Vermandel

Service & Support Engineer

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