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Rental. Any brand. Any Product

Investing in new equipment can be quite a tough process. Choosing the right equipment and finding the budget for it is a challenging process. To make it more easy for you we can offer rental on many of our products. This ranges from short term rental (a few days) to several month. If you decide to purchase the products afterwards you will receive a rebate of the rental fee.

Rental has many advantages like quick delivery to meet peak moments in business, products are not on your balance sheet and are 100% tax deductible. Neither do you have maintenance, repair and calibration cost.

And don’t forget: you are always equipped with the latest available technology.

Leasing. Any brand. Any Product

Leasing is everywhere and especially common in the business world. Why not lease measuring equipment as well? The purchase of measuring equipment can be a challenge for the budget and often has to be planned well in advance.

Together with our leasing partner we offer you leasing options. Ask us for an offer.

Rent it. Lease it. Own it.

Get the Technology You Need to Grow Today – Finance your Test Equipment with us and discover the benefits.

Financing can help you focus on your critical business needs, accelerate innovation and improve overall business performance.
Industry’s trends along with necessary investments into Test & Measurement require flexible solutions to make the most of your operational and capital budgets.

Do you have any questions or would you like to get acquainted? We are ready for you!