Wireless data logging for effortless vehicle testing



Improve your vehicle testing precision and effectiveness with wireless data transmission

Being able to transmit and record analog data and CAN signals wirelessly is a big advantage for vehicle testing within enclosed test benches, such as climate and altitude chassis dynos. This is now possible with the Hioki data logger LR8450-01. The logger provides the possibility to connect up to 7 wireless modules with maximum of 210 channels measuring various data signals.


Benefits of the Hioki Wireless Data Logger LR8450-01:

  • Reduced set-up time and minimized facility downtime: No hassle and no additional time for wiring the modules in the test chamber.
  • Efficient testing: Real-time data acquisition allows immediate action during testing.
  • Superior accuracy with minimal noise interference: Effortlessly install modules close to the measurement targets without long input wiring.
  • Accurate measurements in altitude chambers and in climatic chambers: The wireless units have a wide operational temperature and pressure range.


Measurement of voltage, temperature, strain, …and many more signals made easy

The wide variability of modules enables the measurement of different analog signals. Among others long-term acquisition of voltage, temperature, RTD, strain, humidity, resistance, and even CAN signals is possible. High-speed sampling with a sampling rate of up to 1 ms provides detailed measurement data which allows you to better understand your measurement object.


Quick & easy installation close to the measurement target

Using the Hioki LR8450-01 you can now install the measurement modules into the vehicle before the test, saving you valuable test time. The modules’ connection to the main unit is fully automatic and they realize a stable connection over distances up to 30 m. Due to their compact size, the modules can be installed even in very narrow spaces. Additionally, as an installation close to the measurement target is possible, the wiring complexity is reduced considerably. Less wiring leads to decreased noise interference and thus to better data quality and higher accuracy.


Efficient testing with real-time wireless data acquisition

In the event of a test failure, malfunction, or interruption, the phenomenon can be detected immediately, and the test can be stopped due to the possibility to acquire measurement data in real-time wirelessly. This possibility to take immediate action leads to substantial time savings and increased test efficiency.

The Hioki LR8450-01 with its variety of wireless modules is an all-rounder and a must-have for every test cell.

For more information, please contact CN Rood.