Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Monitoring With the PQube® 3e

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has three monitoring points of interest: incoming AC power, outgoing AC power and the DC bus that interfaces with the battery or capacitor bank power storage system. The PQube 3e power quality analyzer is ideal for monitoring one or all three of these points of interest. UPS monitoring can be done for evaluating and testing a UPS and permanent monitoring for UPSes installed in critical locations, such as data centers, critical server racks and computer systems, semiconductor manufacturing and more.

The PQube 3e power quality analyzer can be used to:

  • diagnose problems with critical load protected with a UPS
  • prove the proper response of your UPS in unplanned outage conditions
  • measure UPS efficiency
  • investigate and verify storage response time

Using modules and current transformers (CTs) available from Powerside, the PQube 3e quickly installs for temporary or permanent monitoring of the UPS. The CTs are split-core and can be installed around the insulated cables. The voltages can be measured by leads that connect to the various monitoring points and can be directly wired to the PQube 3e and its modules.



Get a 360-degree view of your UPS in operation

UPS monitoring can provide many benefits:

  • Data files retained in the PQube 3e serve as a record of whether or not the UPS is operating in compliance with its technical specifications
  • ENV2 environmental sensor(s) can be used to monitor the temperature in and around the UPS
  • DC bus in the UPS can be monitored to evaluate battery storage characteristics and trends
  • If the PQube 3e is networked, emails can be sent to alert on outages and problems with the UPS
  • Power system harmonics can be recorded, analyzed and used to troubleshoot frequent component failure
  • Data can be consolidated into reports using the Powerside Report Writer software
  • Data files are available in CSV format, allowing the customer to do their own data consolidation, graphing and reporting

Powerside customers have deployed 80,000+ PQube 3 systems in a wide range of mission-critical monitoring applications. The system is adaptable and easy to use.


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