SignalForce Products Comprise Turn-Key Vibration Test Systems



Data Physics is a worldwide leader in supplying complete SignalForce vibration test systems including electrodynamic shakers, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders, vibration controllers, and dynamic signal analyzers. All SignalForce electrodynamic shakers and accessories are made with the highest quality and performance in mind.
Data Physics approaches shaker design with the same drive for innovation that has characterized its signal analysis business since its founding. All shaker designs originate from proven designs and have been optimized to further improve reliability and performance. The SignalForce R&D staff, spread across two continents, employs computer aided engineering techniques to design and model dynamics, magnetic circuits, and thermal effects of shakers and acoustic power generators.

Shaker systems ranging from small 9N shakers used in vibrating medical devices to large 222kN shakers used for satellite tests are available with accessories and fixtures appropriately optimized for the application. Vibration test solutions for applications ranging from environmental and MIL Spec testing to packaging design verification to automotive durability testing are easily met with the full range of SignalForce shakers and accessories like head expanders and slip tables.

Manufacturing shaker systems involves more than just selling the shaker. It involves understanding the accessories and options required for the user’s application. Most importantly, the shaker system needs to be able to perform the user’s vibration tests. Data Physics SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers provide the foundation for a broad range of comprehensive test systems, meeting both single and multi-axis testing requirements.

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