RTDS introduces NovaCor 2.0 simulation hardware


New generation of simulation hardware, based on the IBM POWER9 processor

RTDS NovaCor 2.0 is the latest generation of central processing hardware for the RTDS Simulator. Based on a powerful multi-core processor, NovaCor 2.0 brings exciting new features and capabilities while maintaining the familiar hardware architecture of the NovaCor family, and supporting the RSCAD FX software.


New feature: Powerful non-real-time simulation

RTDS NovaCor 2.0 includes an exciting new feature: a non-real-time simulation mode which supports the simulation of significantly larger networks than would be possible in real time with the same quantity of simulation hardware. Eliminating the hard real time requirement allows more nodes and load units in the network.

The RTDS Simulator already has non-real-time simulation capability, but until now, there have been no gains in the size/complexity of network that can be represented when using this mode. The new non-real-time feature, exclusive to NovaCor 2.0, gives a big edge to its users.

  • Non-real-time mode allows for 10x more nodes and load units than would be possible with the same hardware configuration in real time.
  • With a single licensed core on NovaCor 2.0, the user can run a non-real-time simulation of a network with the size/complexity that would normally require 10 licensed cores.
  • Non-real-time mode supports integration of the GTSOC and PSCAD-RSCAD co-simulation features.


Enhanced simulation capabilities

Mainstep environment

  • 20% more nodes
    Simulate larger networks. The increase applies for all network solution configurations (single- and multi-core systems).
  • 20% more load units
    Simulate more complex, component-rich networks.

Substep environment

  • 25% more nodes
    Simulate larger power electronics subnetworks (timesteps less than 10 microseconds).

Distribution Mode environment

  • 25% more nodes
    Simulate larger distribution feeders. In Distribution Mode, more nodes are enabled than in the Mainstep environment, with a few constraints (larger timestep, no travelling wave lines, etc).



NovaCor 2.0 brings these exciting new capabilities while maintaining the same form factor and hardware architecture as NovaCor 1.0. Users who are familiar with NovaCor 1.0 will find the same user experience with NovaCor 2.0.

NovaCor 2.0 is fully compatible with NovaCor 1.0 – these units can be interconnected for multi-chassis simulation. NovaCor 2.0 is not compatible with older (GTWIF and WIF card-based) RTDS Simulator systems.

NovaCor 2.0 supports the RSCAD FX software. It cannot be used with older versions of RSCAD (V5 and previous).


For more information, contact CN Rood.