New Phantom Camera Control software available

Vision Research has launched a new version of the Phantom Camera Control (PCC) software (PCC 3.9).

PCC 3.9 software is now available, incorporating new features and improvements including:

  • The speed of all mp4 file conversions has been improved, averaging 5X faster than previous PCC versions when converting Cine Raw files.
  • A new Image Processing control has been added called “bit slider” which provides fine control of shadows and highlights.
  • A new MME file export is available during file save or file conversion. This is a metadata file used with certain image analysis programs and is formatted according to the ISO 13499 standard.

Vision Research recommends PCC 3.9 for all current Phantom camera models.

Download PCC 3.9 from the Phantom Software download page.

About Phantom Camera Control (PCC) software

Phantom Camera Control (PCC) is the main software application that allows users to get the most out of Phantom cameras. Fine-tune the resolution, frame rate, exposure, memory segmentation, trigger modes and automatic functions prior to recording. PCC also makes it easy to work with synchronized cameras, manage Phantom Cine raw files and convert files to the format that makes sense for the final project.

Use PCC’s advanced image processing features for complete control over Phantom Cine files.  PCC’s image tools menu includes a histogram to judge exposure, and controls to adjust both basic and advanced image parameters for the best-looking images. The Cine file can also be cropped and re-sampled.  Because Phantom Cine files are 100% raw, these parameters are applied as metadata and only baked-in when converted to a different format.

PCC includes the ability to perform basic measurement functions for motion analysis. The results can be viewed immediately and then automatically saved to a spreadsheet for review.

Cine raw files can be edited and saved individually or using batch-functions. Trim each file precisely prior to download, or simply download an entire CineMag or CineFlash drive worth of shots.  While many 3rd party software platforms will read Cine raw files directly, some may require a different format.  PCC will convert those Cine files to a variety of standard video and image formats as required.

The Phantom Camera Control (PCC) software is Windows-only and has been fully verified with Windows 10 64-bit.