New AIM TTi MX-Q Series 2 DC Power supply

The MX Series DC Power supply quad channel versions have been updated to Series 2 status.

Multiple full-performance outputs
The MX-Q offers full capabilities on all outputs, simultaneous high-resolution metering, switchable remote sensing.

Range switching and power control
The MX-Q offers combined output levels from 16V to 70V with up to 210W per output (max total 420W).
MX103Q provides 16V and 35V outputs on all 4 outputs conforming to SELV.
MX100T has outputs max 35V and 2 outputs max 70V

User defined sync and sequencing
Synchronous On/Off and programmable delay sequenced switching. By Default all four outputs switch on/off simultaneously, they can also be set to operate any
combination of outputs in a user defined sequence with delays between 10 milliseconds and 20 seconds.

To protect the DUT the MX-Q can be configured to trip all or selected outputs when a defined OCP or OTP trip level is exceeded


Three main changes:

  • The display has been updated to a larger colour panel with outputs colour coded for easier identification
  • There is a new feature “TripLink” which allows the user to define assigned outputs that will trip together on over-current protection (OCP) or over-voltage protection (OVP) conditions.
  • The power sharing between outputs has been enhanced: the 420W of output power can be shared between all outputs with a maximum of 210W per single output allowing all 4 outputs to be used within the available power envelope. The MX series uses mixed-mode regulation; the switched-mode pre-regulation with a linear post regulation output stage provides the efficiency of switched mode power combined with excellent line and load regulation, low noise and good transient response of the linear post regulation.  This results in overall performance close to that of an all linear design. The MX series uses intelligent fan assisted cooling with good acoustic design to reduce the audible noise in the operator’s workspace.


New SELV compliant Model: MX103Q/P

MX-Q Series 2 has gained a new model.  The MX103Q has the same 420W total power but doesn’t have the 70V capable output modules of the MX100Q. Instead all channels are hardware limited to 35V in order to conform to SELV standards (Safety Extra Low Voltage) with channels 1 to 3 capable of 210W 6A max and channel 4 capable of 105W 3A max.


Programmable Variants, Options and Accessories

The MX series is available as a programmable variant (denoted by the ‘P’ suffix) which adds USB, LAN/LXI and RS232 interfaces with the GPIB-1A module available as a user or factory fit option. A lower cost non-P version is available for bench operation.

The RM460A rack mount kit accessory compatible with all MX models is available.

Test Bridge logging and control software is available for free download. Test Bridge enables up to 4 Aim-TTi products to be controlled and logged on a single installation.


For more information, contact CN Rood!