Discover the future of 24/7 EMF monitoring with Narda SMARTS AMC!

Are you ready for a revolution in EMF measurement? Narda SMARTS AMC is here to raise the bar and take your EMF monitoring to a new level.

Narda SMARTS AMC (Area Monitoring Compact) is not only compact, but also maximally flexible to meet your requirements. With precise EMF measurements up to 60 GHz, you can monitor potentially hazardous areas and easily check limit values according to e.g. ICNIRP/FCC/SC6.

But that’s not all! SMARTS AMC is designed for maximum ease of use. With various alarm options and interchangeable probes, it is practice-optimized and versatilely adaptable. Whether permanently installed, on a tripod or as a hand-held device – SMARTS AMC adapts to your needs.

And the best is yet to come: SMARTS AMC is ready for use in no time at all, both indoors and outdoors. Whether as a standalone solution or integrated into your local network, our solution gives you seamless control wherever you are thanks to our app for mobile devices and smartwatches.
Get ready to take your EMF monitoring to a whole new level!

Contact us today to learn more about SMARTS AMC and optimize your EMF monitoring.