Modular Signal Switching, Simulation & Software for use in Electronic Test and Verification (video)




Pickering manufactures Switching and Simulation modules on PXI(e), USB, LXI, and PCI format. On PXI(e), they have over 1,000 modules, more than anyone else in the market.

Switching products include multiplexers, individual switching and (high-density) matrices for a wide signal range. Modules are available for switching HV voltage signals up 9 kV, RF signals up to 67 GHz, High Power up to 10 Amp, and routing optical signals.

Simulations solutions include Programmable Resistors for simulation of resistive sensors,  PT 100 and PT 1000 RTD (Resistive Temperature Devices) Simulators , Load Resistors, Strain Gauge Simulators, Thermocouple Simulators, VDT Simulators, Analog Output/Current Loop Simulators and Battery Simulators.

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