Meinberg Announces the Latest Generation of GNSS-Synchronized Reference Clocks

Meinberg is pleased to announce the new generation of its GNSS-synchronized reference clocks: the GPS183, die GNS183, and the GNS183-UC.

These new reference clocks have been redesigned from the ground up to allow Meinberg to introduce a wealth of new features via firmware and software going forward. All three clocks are based on a common technology platform that will ensure that all three modules can benefit from new features and improvements (where appropriate) more reliably and more quickly. The GPS183 and GNS183-UC in particular are optimized for the recently launched GPSANTv2 antenna and are engineered to take full advantage of the additional performance the GPSANTv2 provides.


The GPS183, designed to operate with the dependable GPSANTv2 antenna, represents the latest evolution of Meinberg’s flagship GPS L1 C/A receiver & clock technology, whose innovative features include the ability to operate antenna-to-receiver transmission routes of up to 1100 m with a suitable coaxial cable.


The GNS183-UC (“Up-Converter”) builds on the function of the GPS clocks, providing Galileo E1 B/C reception support alongside GPS reception, again with the trusted GPSANTv2 technology.


The GNS183 provides broad-spectrum GNSS support with the ability to receive GPS L1 C/A code, Galileo E1 B/C, BeiDou B1I, and GLONASS L1OF services using a 40 dB Multi-GNSS antenna.


These three clocks will of course be offered as modules for Meinberg’s family of modular IMS systems and will also serve as the clocks for Meinberg’s standalone LANTIME servers and microSync servers in the future.


Please note that with the launch of the GPS183, Meinberg is discontinuing production of all legacy GPS-only LANTIME and microSync clock module models. This is in part necessitated by the discontinuation of certain upstream components sourced by Meinberg from third-party suppliers for the construction of this model, but has also been driven by our commitment to continuously improving our technology. The GNS182 and GNS181-UC clocks will, for the time being, remain in production while demand remains.


Owners of GPS182, GNS182, and GNS181-UC clocks will of course continue to receive the same expert support over the lifetime of their products that they have come to expect from Meinberg.