Meinberg Announces New Generation of GPSANT Antennas


Meinberg is pleased to announce the launch of its new-generation GPSANT antenna for GPS and Galileo reception: the GPSANTv2.

The GPSANTv2 has been redesigned from the ground up to provide vastly superior operating characteristics. The GPSANTv2 lays the groundwork for substantial improvements to Meinberg’s clock technology (to be announced in the near future), but remains fully backwards compatible with existing Meinberg GPS and GNS-UC receivers and will of course provide performance benefits for these. There will be no price increase for the GPSANTv2 over the previous model at this time.

Download the specs!



Concurrently with the launch of the new GPSANTv2, Meinberg will be phasing out the orginal GPSANT antenna (GPSANTv1). While this phase-out has been motivated primarily by our longstanding commitment to continuously improving our technology, it has also in part become necessitated by the discontinuation of certain upstream components sourced by Meinberg from third-party suppliers for the construction of the GPSANTv1 antenna. Accordingly, while the GPSANTv1 has been a dependable workhorse for Meinberg synchronization solutions for over two decades, our innovation drive and the supply chain circumstances have compelled us to put this trusted technology out to pasture.

Owners of the GPSANTv1 will of course continue to receive the same expert support from Meinberg over the lifetime of their antennas and clocks that they have come to expect, including beyond the phase-out of the GPSANTv1. Should it be necessary to replace a GPSANTv1 unit under warranty, customers will receive the newer GPSANTv2 antenna at no extra charge as a replacement.

If you have any queries about this announcement or about the differences between the original GPSANTv1 and the GPSANTv2, please reach out to the CN Rood specialists!