GEOxyz counts on Meinberg for very accurate data synchronization

GEOxyz is a leading international survey company specialised in hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical and topographical surveys and site investigations. GEOxyz uses sensors to map the seabed to determine, for example, the best location to build a wind farm. CN Rood has supplied GEOxyz with Meinberg Signal Distributors to perfectly synchronise the sensor data.

Mapping the seabed

GEOxyz performs bathymetric and geophysical surveys for Local Authorities, Offshore windfarms, Oil and Gas Operators and the Dredging & Marine construction industry. To determine where a wind farm will be installed, this bathymetric survey is critical. GEOxyz uses boats equipped with sensors to map the seabed. For example, a side scan sonar is used to build up an image of the bottom based on shadowing. Magnetometry is also used to look for ferrous objects on and under the seabed. In the end, all data are combined to create a complete 3D image of the seabed.

Highly accurate data required

GEOxyz’ clients are looking for highly accurate data. A deviation of a millisecond is already too much. And this is a challenge. The surveys are carried out from a survey vessel. These measurements must be synchronised to give a perfect picture of the riverbed or sea bottom. An additional challenge is that all data must be corrected for different tides and finally processed before it can be used to produce precise bathymetric charts. For synchronization, GEOxyz has chosen the Meinberg SDU together with reliable splitter and amplifiers.

Meinberg for synchronization

For the synchronization of the survey sensors Meinberg’s equipment, including a splitter and amplifier, is used for an integral synchronization process with an external GPS. The external GPS receiver captures accurate timing information from satellites, generating a Pulse Per Second (PPS) signal. Meinberg’s splitter is employed to efficiently distribute this PPS signal to multiple sensors within the system, ensuring synchronised timekeeping across all components. The accompanying amplifier plays a crucial role by enhancing the strength of the PPS signal, optimizing its transmission to multiple endpoints and over extended distances. The Meinberg-equipped synchronization setup not only facilitates precise timekeeping in milliseconds but also ensures consistency and reliability in sensor readouts.

Very satisfied with Meinberg solution

The Meinberg equipment has been installed on the 5 largest ships and is running flawlessly so far. The Meinberg equipment is known to be robust and this has really been proven so far.

Freek Vancraeynest (senior Surveyor): “We are very satisfied with the Meinberg equipment and CN Rood’s service. If works as we hoped. Our customers are looking for very reliable analyses this we can only offer by using the best and most reliable equipment.”


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