Dutch municipality continuously measures magnetic fields near high-voltage line

On the 23th May, a Narda Multi-Band Area Monitor was provided by CN Rood and installed by the municipality of Helmond. With this monitor, the municipality maps the magnetic fields around the high-voltage line running through a residential area. The reason is the announced upgrading of the 380kV high-voltage grid.

Better use of existing 380kV connection

In the Dutch high-voltage grid, the 380kV connection through Helmond is one of the main transmission lines for electricity. The capacity on parts of the national 380kV connection is currently insufficient to meet power needs. Therefore, TenneT plans to upgrade this existing connection. This will be done by replacing the existing conductors with new ones. The condition for this upgrade is that the magnetic field zone in this residential area does not widen.


Continuous magnetic field measurements

Helmond municipality wants to use measurements to get a better picture of the magnetic fields in the neighbourhood coming from the high-voltage line. In this way, the municipality itself can keep an eye on how the magnetic fields develop over time, including when changes are made to the high-voltage grid. To monitor the magnetic fields, a permanent magnetic field meter Narda Multi-Band Area Monitor was installed on May 23, 2023.


Narda Multi-Band Area Monitor AMB-8059

The Narda Multi-Band Area Monitor AMB-8059 is being used to carry out the measurements. The Narda Multi-Band Area is often used in areas where electromagnetic radiation levels need to be continuously assessed through long-term observation. For the measurements a special probe for low-frequency magnetic fields is used to record the emissions from the high-voltage cables. The Narda Multi-Band Area Monitor is equipped with a modem to transmit the data. An integrated solar panel is used for power.

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