Configured reference solutions for embedded designs, EV inverters and more

Tektronix reference solutions are configured so that you can focus on your project timelines, not your instrumentation. Using our deep experience configuring instruments with the right probes, software, and services, these solutions make it easy and worry-free to set up your first application-specific benchtop or scale up your distributed design teams.


Embedded Design Reference Solution

This all-in-one solution addresses the majority of embedded system debug challenges and is our most recommended system. Built around a 5 Series B MSO oscilloscope, it includes software, probes, remote collaboration software and uptime assurance packages.

Accelerate your project with:

  • Serial protocol decoding
  • Analog and Digital signal measurements\
  • RF spectrum analysis
  • Power rails and power supply measurements
  • Signal generation
  • PC-based waveform analysis


EV Traction Inverter Analysis Reference Solution

Optimize traction system efficiency and reliability with this oscilloscope-based solution. It enables fast, accurate analysis of the dynamic PWM output of traction inverters.

Increase your system performance and reduce your time-to-market with:

  • 3-Phase PWM analysis software including mechanical speed and torque measurements, as well as DQ0 control parameter measurements
  • Serial protocol decoding for common vehicle protocols like CAN, LIN, and SENT
  • Arbitrary Function Generator for injecting signals
  • PC-based remote control for operating at a safe distance from high-voltage and rotating devices


Wide Bandgap Double Pulse Reference Solution

Accelerate validation around SiC and GaN power devices and systems with this full suite of instruments, software, probes and services.

Increase your system performance and lower your time-to-market with:

  • On-scope analysis conforming to JEDEC and IEC standards
  • 1 GHz of bandwidth for easy analysis of fast-switching signals
  • Arbitrary Function Generator with built-in software for double pulse testing waveforms
  • High-side and Low-side probes offering common mode noise rejection and precise measurements


Power Integrity Analysis Reference Solution

Look to this solution when designing and debugging power distribution networks requiring high power integrity. Two versions are available, each built around a 1 GHz or 4 GHz oscilloscope to fit your technical requirement and budget.

Increase your system performance and lower your time-to-market with:

  • On-scope analysis of essential and advanced power measurements
  • Serial protocol decoding for all major protocols including I2C, SPI, SMBus, SPMI and SVID Arbitrary function generator for injecting signals
  • Power rail probe with low loading and low noise contribution for high accuracy measurement


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