Audiodo Personal Sound™ calibrated by Audio Precision Analyzers


Audiodo is a Swedish company offering the world-leading Personal Sound solution. The technology adapts the sound to the unique hearing of each individual. With over 30 years of experience in acoustics and signal processing, Audiodo utilizes the science of sound to provide never-heard-before audio experiences around music and voice. CN Rood supports Audiodo with expertise and Audio Precision Equipment for the tuning and calibration of hearables with Audiodo Personal Sound™. We spoke to Stefan Crijns (Head of Customer Delivery and Support) about Audiodo and the collaboration with CN Rood.

We all hear differently

The goal of Audiodo Personal Sound™ is to enhance the sound so that it perfectly matches the unique hearing characteristics of each individual.
Stefan Crijns: “We all hear differently. This is the foundation to Audiodo Personal Sound™ and the reason why we do what we do. We want listeners to experience sound quality that has been perfected especially for them. With Audiodo Personal Sound™ you will experience the music how it supposed to sound, as intended by the headset manufacturer and the recording studio. We achieve this by integrating the Audiodo firmware libraries into the audio device which contains a Bluetooth chipset and is controlled by an app on the phone. Audiodo Personal Sound™ is already implemented into many commercial headphone and earbud products from well-known hi-fi brands. New features and improvements are constantly being added.”

Cutting-edge audiometric hearing assessment

Audiodo wants listeners to experience sound quality that has been perfected just for them. Without an accurate and complete understanding of your hearing, there can be no Personal Sound.

Stefan Crijns: “That’s why Audiodo Personal Sound™ starts with a cutting-edge audiometric hearing assessment for each ear, providing an accurate hearing description. Based on that, a unique compensation is calculated. Sophisticated algorithms will adjust the audio output to give you a personalized audio experience and you will experience the music again how it supposed to sound, as intended by the headset manufacturer and the recording studio.”

Audio Precision analyzers for tuning, audio performance and algorithm verification

Audiodo puts a lot of effort into perfecting the hearing calibration. CN Rood supports the optimisation of the hearing calibration by advising and supplying Audio Precision analyzers.

Stefan Crijns: “Every aspect has been carefully designed to be both convenient and foolproof, and to provide the most conclusive data about your hearing. We use the Audio Precision equipment for acoustic tuning, algorithm verification and for measuring the audio performance of our customer’s newly developed products. The Audio Precision analyzers are the world-leading standard in audio development and production centers and widely used at our customers as well. In this way we can replicate the exact same measurements on all sites across the world.”

Close collaboration with CN Rood

Stefan is very satisfied with CN Rood as partner. “CN Rood supports us with expertise and audio equipment tailored to our needs. This ensures that we follow the latest standards and technology. CN Rood has been very supportive and responsive to Audiodo. They provide expert knowledge, advise and service. They are well known in the audio industry and have the right contacts. They act as a sparring partner for our development needs.”

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