6 Ways to Save Time with Test Workflow


Tools for automation are critical to keeping up with changing test needs while improving test performance. Sure, you could develop code and scripts for every new challenge or keep adding that “one more feature/instrument,” but there’s off-the-shelf software that can do that job and let you focus your time on the harder challenges. With Test Workflow, a subscription bundle of NI test software, you can measure sensors, control instruments, connect to the cloud, analyze data, automate your tests, and more.

In this white paper we describe just six of many ways you can save time with Test Workflow and test automation.

01 – Control All Your Instruments with the Same Software

02 – Simplify Sensor Measurements

03 – Optimize Multi-Up Production Tests

04 – Connect Test Systems to the Cloud

05 – Get Faster Insights from Large Datasets

06 – Automate Repetitive Tests

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