Trade in your 2700 Audio Precision audio analyzer

Audio Precision will no longer be able to repair or calibrate 2700 series audio analyzers after December 31, 2024. For those
of you still using these older analyzers, we’re offering a limited-time discount of up to 25% toward a new APx52x, APx58x,
or APx555 series analyzer with the trade-in of a 2700 series analyzer. Not only will you ensure a smooth transition with
continuous support for years into the future, but APx offers numerous advantages to enhance your productivity,
connectivity to modern digital audio interfaces, and new measurement techniques.


SYS-2700 APx
Analog Residual THD+N -115 dB -120 dB (APx555)
Analog Analysis Bandwidth 500 kHz 1 MHz
Analog Analysis Channels 1 16 (APx586)
DSP Residual THD+N -101 dB -120 dB (APx555)
DSP Analysis Bandwidth 130 kHz 1 MHz
DSP Analysis Channels 2 16
MAX FFT Resolution 64K 1M
AES3, S/PDIF, Toslink Yes Yes
I2S, Serial Digital Audio 2 Ch. 16 Ch.
Bluetooth N/A Yes
PDM N/A 16 Ch.
ASIO Connectivity N/A Yes
Modern, measurement oriented UI N/A Yes
Integrated measurement sequencer N/A Yes
Built-in reporting N/A Yes


Take your audio measurement to the next level.

This trade-in program is valid through December 31, 2024.