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Don’t forget our expanded possibilities to calibrate your FLUKE BIOMEDICAL devices. This extra service is an addition to our known service paths with our existing and certified service partners.

As of today we’re offering you the calibration services at our office (Zellik) each Wednesday (except for VT305/VT650/VT900A).


  • Short Turn-Around Time (3 days*)
    • Arrival of devices on Tuesday
    • Calibration on Wednesday
    • Devices ready on Thursday for pick-up / send back
3-Day Calibration Logo

  • Less logistics
    • We eliminate the transport of your device between our office and the lab. It’s a (small) contribution for less traffic and a better climate.
3-Day Calibration Transport

This short TAT is only possible for calibration service requested in advance (3 weeks before).
Therefore, you need to fill in the request form.

We’ll contact you shortly afterwards to overview the administrative side (verification / Quote). Once agreed upon (Purchase Order), we’ll confirm the planned calibration date.

* If no further problems are noticed during calibration, our local TAT will be 3 days.

3-Day Calibration Registration

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Jurgen Van Cauter

Account Manager Biomedical

Isabelle Stevens

Sales & Support Assistant