Quantifi Photonics

Quantifi Photonics designs and manufactures a broad range of instruments that are well-suited for general-purpose photonics testing.

The typical photonics test set up comprises the following elements:

Quantifi Photonics

Device-Under-Test (DUT)

The DUT can be a wafer, a die, or a packaged part, with a specific optical function such as an array of ring resonators, or laser diodes, or a more complete integrated optical transceiver function.

Stimulus (light in)

A stimulus is required to activate the device, which can be a polarized light beam of a certain wavelength, or a swept wavelength laser to present the whole spectrum of interest. In some cases, an electrical stimulus may be required to activate the desired test mode.


There typically is a need to control the DUT, either to just initialize it or to step through the device settings for optimization purposes. For instance in case of the broadly adopted Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) interface a low speed I2C is chosen to accomplish this task.


The device needs to be powered with the proper power supply lines to be able to operate as intended, and in addition certain bias voltages may be required for the desired operation.

Measurement (light out)

This can cover optical power levels to test waveguide quality and alignment, the optical spectrum of lasers or wavelength multiplexers and filters, all the way to high-speed signal eye diagram measurements such as TDECQ, AOP, ER, and jitter.

Wafer and die

Product Overview

Coherent optical communications

Generate high-bandwidth, complex modulation format optical signals with our high-performance coherent optical communication solutions.

Laser Sources

Versatile telecom laser sources, customizable continuous wave fixed wavelength sources, broadband super luminescent (SLED) sources, and swept lasers.

Bit error rate testers

High-density multi-channel pulse pattern generation and error detection at up to 29 GBps for the design, characterization and production test of optical transceivers and opto-electrical components.

Optical power meters

Fast terminating or inline monitoring of optical signal power from -60 to +10 dBm across 750 – 1700 nm wavelengths. The Power 1500 Series offers logarithmic analog output which is ideal for active fiber alignment.

Optical spectrum analyzers

Low cost, fast spectral measurement in a compact module with built-in analysis including SMSR, OSNR and spectral width. Targeted wavelengths for specific applications in O band, C band and L band.

Variable optical attenuators

Fast attenuation speed with low insertion loss and built-in power monitoring. Operates in fixed attenuation or constant output power modes and support SMF, MMF and PMF.

Optical switches

Proven reliability and fast switching time. Wide variety of switch configurations: 1×4, 1×16, 16×16 and more. Models support SMF, MMF and PMF.

Optical to electrical converters

High bandwidth, broadband O-to-E converter. Available in a range of configurations; choose from 1 or 2 channels, AC or DC coupling and various conversion gain and operating wavelength ranges.

Polarization conditioners

High-speed automated polarization control and scrambling with broad wavelength coverage from 1260nm to 1650nm, low insertion loss and back reflection.

Passive component integration

Integrate passive optical components of your choice such as WDM couplers, splitters, band-pass filters, PM beamsplitters and circulators. Models support SMF, MMF and PMF.

Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV)

The Doppler 1000 Series combines the key optical components for Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV) measurements in a compact instrument to enable streamlined high-channel count PDV test setups

Optical pulse analysis

The IQFROG Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating Pulse Analyzer is a spectrally resolved Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) autocorrelator suitable for intensity and phase measurement for pulses 300 fs to 50 ps long.

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