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NI offers the solutions, hardware, software, and services that help you turn real-world data into insights that drive your business decisions. Choose from products for desktop design and prototyping to fully automated production test systems.

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CN Rood offers all NI software and hardware products and services, including NI eco-system products from other vendors. All products and prices are available on our website. As CN Rood has an inhouse stock of popular NI products, delivery times for these are short.

Aerospace, Defense, and Government Solutions

Reach New Heights with NI Testing Technology

When you’re working on mission-critical assets, quality and reliability are imperative. From early-stage research to the sustainment of long life-cycle programs, NI can help you address your most significant challenges across design, test, deployment, and maintenance.
For decades, NI has served as a trusted aerospace and defence advisor with a deep understanding of how to optimize test strategies to meet increasingly demanding technical and business requirements and ultimately maximize mission readiness.


Energy Solutions

Assuring Society’s Energy Foundation

An increasing energy demand and accelerated interest in sourcing diverse energy types make stable production and distribution more essential than ever. NI’s solutions can help ensure the quality of your equipment and consistency of output throughout the entire process.


Academic and Research

Whether in the classroom or the lab, today’s students and researchers are looking to increase their rate of discovery and build solutions faster.

In today’s laboratories, lecture halls and dorm rooms, time to understanding and discovery has never been more critical. Researchers use the NI platform to push the boundaries of discovery. They are driven by the grand challenges humanity faces and the economic and technical trends that are revolutionizing wireless communications, transportation, and energy. Engineering educators are preparing students to become the innovators of tomorrow. This requires engaging, hands-on curriculum that inspires students and puts theory into practice. NI partners with education experts to develop the right tools to help students understand problems and build real solutions faster than ever. Take NI hardware and software into the lab or classroom to accelerate discovery.

Academic & Research

Transportation Solutions

Accelerate the Path to Vision Zero.

Together, we can create a more sustainable future for mobility— without shortcuts. NI can help you ensure quality and accelerate time to market. Let’s turn test into your enabler of performance and strategic advantage.
Using our automotive test systems, we create a common digital thread of data across the product life cycle to delliver analytics and insights that help you optimize performance – getting you to market faster while ensuring quality.


Industrial Machinery Solutions

Smart Test for Smart Factories

Complex industrial, power, and energy systems demand connected test solutions. Discover how NI revolutionizes automated hardware, condition monitoring, and data management.
We know that the efficiency from the test labs to factory line directly translates to the succes of a business. Organisations worldwide trust NI systems to simulate, execute, and maintain output. With NI’s software connected hardware and product data and analystics software, you can maximize your industrial machinery equipment investment and deliver high-quality products with minimal downtime.

Industrial Machinery

Semiconductor Solutions

A Smarter Semiconductor Test Strategy

As devices get smarter, so do our semiconductor test solutions. Discover how NI can equip your organization with cost-effective software and solutions that scale from the lab to the production floor.
We know that semiconductor technology requirements outpace traditional test coverage approaches. That’s why NI prioritizes investments in semiconductor manufacturing software , systems and automatic test equipment (ATE) that help you build solutions that meet your evolving business needs at every step of the process. With testing support for analog, mixed-signal, 5G and RF devices, we’re uniquely qualified to help you bring new products to the market.


Electronics Solutions

Advancing Electronic Devices with Precision

Innovation is driving our devices to be smaller and smarter, while also increasing functionality and durability. NI solutions combine precise hardware and development-accelerating software to pinpoint measurements that drive electronic progress.
NI software and hardware solutions empower electronics testing efficiency with seamless integration, customization, and streamlined analytics.


Advice and full service by CN Rood experts

Want to know more about a product or do you need advice? The CN Rood Team is at your service. Besides the technical possibilities, our experts can also tell you all about financing options (such as lease constructions). Even after purchase, CN Rood is ready to be your partner for service, repairs and calibrations. These activities are carried out by our own technicians. Would you like to protect your investment? With our Total Protection Plan, you are assured of service repair and firmware updates for several years.

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