About FEI-Zyfer

FEI-Zyfer is a leader in precision frequency sources and synchronization solutions. The company boasts an 80% world market share in spacecraft clocks and offers a wide range of products, including Rubidium and Cesium Atomic oscillators, RF and microwave components, telecom systems, and network security products. FEI-Zyfer has received numerous accolades from NASA, the DoD, and other contractors for its product and service excellence.


A Long History of Tracking Time and Synchronization

The precision time, frequency, and synchronization industry dates back to ancient times, evolving from the need for precise timekeeping for religious observances, warfare, and navigation. Modern advancements, especially the GPS satellite navigation system with its master atomic clocks, now enable precise time and frequency dissemination worldwide, impacting broadband communications, navigation, and military technologies.

The Industry Today

Today, the industry leverages GPS timing capabilities, using GPS timing receivers to maintain accurate frequency and time. Synchronization systems are integral to communication networks, ensuring seamless data transfer in cell phone networks and supporting a wide range of industries, including government, military, and public utilities.

FEI-Zyfer’s Core Competencies

  • GPS Systems Expertise: Satellite, User, and Control Segments.
  • SAASM/M-Code GPS Technology: Military receiver technology for communications and command/control terminals.
  • GPS/Oscillator Disciplining: Enhanced performance and holdover capabilities.
  • WAAS and GPS-Augmentation: Applications in communication systems.
  • Applications and Embedded Software: Expert design and architecture.

Product Offerings

Rack-Mounted Timing Systems: The CommSync II family provides modular GPS time and frequency outputs, supporting various input and output modules. These systems are configurable for redundancy and offer excellent holdover performance.


Compact Timing Systems: Smaller form factor systems delivering high precision and reliability for diverse applications.


Custom Solutions and Modular System Options: Tailored solutions for various industries, including government agencies, satellite communication providers, and military industries.


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