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About Digilent

Digilent, an NI company, has been at the forefront of innovation since 2000, crafting hardware and software solutions that empower engineers, researchers, educators, and scientists to design and test with unparalleled flexibility. Our customizable solutions cater to both seasoned professionals and emerging engineers, accelerating development while maintaining a low barrier to entry.


Digilent is committed to making engineering accessible, offering competitive pricing, portable products, and comprehensive documentation. With a global presence spanning three continents. Specializing in Xilinx-based FPGA development boards, USB-based test and measurement devices, a variety of expansion modules for customizing applications, and robust options for DAQ and datalogging, our products’ design philosophy champions your creativity.

By emphasizing speed, modularity, customizability, world class support, and open-source principles, Digilent provides the building blocks while you bring the brilliance.


What Digilent Makes

Digilent specializes primarily in Xilinx-based FPGA/SoC development boards/kits and portable USB test and measurement devices, all designed to be owned by and used from an engineer’s or student’s desk. Also offering a variety of expansion modules (Pmods and Zmods) to create flexible I/O options for our other products.


The Design Philosophy

Digilent provides the building blocks and you provide the brilliance. It’s impossible to predict all of the innovative solutions you will discover, so Digilent creates products that free you to efficiently implement your own unique ideas. Focussing on low mean time to blink, hardware modularity and customizability, strong support materials, and open-source principles. And we have fun doing it.

Our experts

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Account Manager

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Account Manager / NI Team Leader

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Account Manager

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Account Manager

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Account Manager

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Sales Assistant / Acc.Manager NI Baltics


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