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Offering comprehensive testing systems including a wide range of shaker systems, power amplifiers dynamic signal analyzers, vibration controllers, software, and expert applications support and service.

Data Physics

Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Data Physics Dynamic signal analyzers provide highly accurate measurements in the time, frequency, amplitude, and order domains. Our dynamic signal analyzers offer connectivity across networks and applications, consistent, intuitive UI across all products, and compatibility of data and results with industry standards ensuring efficient interchange with popular design and analysis programs.

Vibration Controllers

Data Physics vibration control systems are built on a foundation of innovative control algorithms and robust distributed DSP hardware, all seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive solution. Both the software and hardware components are meticulously crafted to work in perfect harmony, ensuring optimal performance. This synergy between software and hardware enables these systems to achieve lightning-fast loop speeds and maintain stable control across various types of shakers, whether electrodynamic or hydraulic.

Shakers and Accessories

Data Physics offers a wide variety of vibration test systems, covering everything from electrodynamic shakers and power amplifiers to slip tables, head expanders, and even custom fixtures. What’s more, their expertise in various applications and extensive global service network make them a prime choice for anyone looking to implement a vibration testing program. It seems like Data Physics is equipped to provide comprehensive solutions and support to meet diverse testing needs.

High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics

Data Physics specializes in high-intensity acoustic test systems tailored for various industries. These systems are capable of producing incredibly high sound pressure levels, specifically designed for testing aerospace components. Additionally, their underwater acoustic test systems find application in a diverse range of fields, from sonar range calibration to ship signature generation and mine detonation. It seems like Data Physics has developed cutting-edge solutions to meet the demanding requirements of acoustic testing across different environments and industries.

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