Understanding Colors and Gamut Poster

The poster is a colourful and intuitive reference for understanding and addressing gamut issues.

The television color specification is based on standards defined by the CIE (Commission Internationale de L’Éclairage) in 1931. The CIE specified an idealized set of primary XYZ tristimulus values. This set is a group of all-positive values converted from R’G’B’ where Y is proportional to the luminance of the additive mix. This specification is used as the basis for color within today’s video standards.

The CIE standardized a procedure for normalizing XYZ tristimulus values to obtain a two-dimensional plot of values (x and y) of all colors for a relative value of luminance (Y) as specified by the following equations:
x = X / (X + Y + Z)
y = Y / (X + Y + Z)
z = Z / (X + Y + Z)
x + y + z = 1