Ultra HDTV Testing Through MTS4EAV7 and PQA600B

This application note will step you through the HEVC compliance tests, as well as rate the Picture Quality using PSNR, DMOS and PQR. As the new Ultra HD video formats grow in popularity, so does the need to test the new formats. Within broadcast studios, or at the location of the content providers (Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, etc.), the uncompressed video signal is at its highest quality and highest bandwidth. To deliver this video to the consumer, it must be highly compressed using the new ITU H.265 video codec (aka, HEVC).

With this new and complex codec, quality testing is extremely important, and falls into two categories:
1) Efficient encoding, as well as protocol compliance to the HEVC standard.
2) Quality of the compressed video picture relative to its higher quality reference picture from the studio or content provider. With this technical paper, you will get step by step instructions on how to use the MTS4EAV7 and the PQA600B/PQASW to evaluate the codec system being designed or deployed.