Save lots of time through the use of RFID inventarisation in Retail

By means of the use of RFID mobile computers, inventarisation duration of clothing is reduced by 80% at the retailer.



Japanese Fashion retailers implements DENSO RFID products

SHIPS days, a well-known Japanese Fashion retailer, successfully implemented the RFID Handheld Terminal BHT-1200 RFID and the UR20 Table scanner in its stores. The main purpose for the installation was to help improve the operational efficiency.

Before the implementation and change from Barcode labelling to RFID tags, stocktaking was very time consuming. Furthermore, many employees were involved. “There was one barcode per item; and we had to read them one by one,” the store manager mentioned. “Now we can capture all the data of the goods by just passing the RFID scanner over them.” With the BHT1200 RFID device, one person can complete the stocktaking of around 10,000 items within three hours. This is an 89% improvement over the previous method used for data capture.

Due to the installation of the UR20 RFID Table scanner at the POS, the time consumed for registering and payment has reduced 40% compared with the classical use of barcodes, as it is no longer necessary to scan every single label. The UR20 reads all RFID tags at once by just putting the items on top of the table. Therefore, staff are able to handle the registry operation quickly and efficiently, even if a customer purchases many items.

The fashion retailers BEAMS Co., LTD., UNITED ARROWS LTD. and Charles & Keith Group made the same experience like SHIPS. They are also very satisfied with the DENSO quality and solution.