Picture Quality Measurement for Video Applications)


Picture Quality Any Time, Any Place
In the past, viewers were constrained to watch television in front of a receiver in their home. Today, people watch video at any time and in any place. A viewer can now browse video on their desktop PC, or watch a movie outdoors on a mobile handheld device, or view HDTV (High Definition Television) in their own home theater system or at Digital Cinemas within a well controlled viewing environment.

Powered by recent advances in video compression technology, the number of ways of delivering content to the viewers is increasing. The video engineer is faced with a challenging environment and is required to maximize the picture quality for each viewing condition across a wide variety of content – while maintaining a key differentiator of quality of service to the end viewer.

This application note focuses on the issues video engineers face when developing and/or evaluating an algorithm, device or video signal path; and the objective picture quality measurement solutions Tektronix® provides to support those requirements.