Manhattan College Chooses PXI Solution to Simplify PDV System


Manhattan College Chooses PXI-Based Solution from Quantifi Photonics to Simplify PDV System Design & Maintenance. Creating a state-of-the-art experimental setup to produce high-resolution velocity time measurements from vertical projectile penetration in soil targets using Photon Doppler Velocimetry (PDV).

Penetration in soils is a widely investigated topic that has been subject to extensive experimental, numerical, and analytical research. Our research group at Manhattan College, along with our collaborators at New York University and the Naval Postgraduate School, are interested in using the insights from projectile penetration tests in soils to predict the depth of burial (DoB) of unexploded ordnances (UxO) at Formerly used Defense Sites (FUDS). The research is funded by the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) in the Department of Defense. The principal investigators of the project are Dr. Stephan Bless and Dr. Magued Iskander at New York University.