Distribution Automation

Integrate distribution-level technologies with reduced risk

Improve performance and decrease deployment time for distribution automation systems and DERMS through HIL testing

Distribution systems have unique topologies, components, and operational requirements that require purpose-built control, protection, and management systems. The RTDS Simulator allows engineers to model the behaviour of distribution networks over a large frequency range in real time. This allows real distribution system assets to be connected to the simulated grid in a closed loop for safe and comprehensive testing – and optimization – prior to deployment.

Real-time simulation is the fastest way to optimize the operation of a huge variety of distribution system assets

  • DERMS, DMS, and SCADA systems
  • Feeder protection schemes
  • Bay automation control
  • Advanced reclosers
  • Capacitor bank protection and control
  • Volt/VAR regulators
  • Load shedding control
  • Renewable energy converters via Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL)




Reduce testing costs with distribution-specific simulation options



Distribution Mode
The RTDS Simulator’s software includes a special module designed for simulating large, tightly-coupled distribution feeders. The radial network structure means less processing hardware is required to solve the network in real time.

Smart Grid Protocols
The RTDS Simulator’s built-in models for TCP/UDP, MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, and C37.118 allow direct interfacing with DERMS, relays, and controllers requiring standard-compliant data streams.

CYME™ Conversion
Engineers who have already configured their distribution network in the popular CYME™ CYMDIST software can convert their case for direct use in the RTDS Simulator’s software.